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Olive has been a very attentive and wonderful host. Lovely , quiet, peaceful location. This was my first experience of juicing and I go home full of great ideas that will, I hope, change my opinion on food. - Marie Egan -

Very informative and knowledgeable on all food and nutrition etc. Excellent teacher. Make a video and do TV!!! Spread the word! Well done Olive. - Reenie Egan -

You have an amazing friendly and welcoming home and I loved your treatment room. Easy to relax, feel free to express yourself and open to new energies and experience lovely treatments. - Mary Ryan -

Olive is such an open, warm, friendly lady who opens her heart and her home to everyone, and was so "normal" and relaxed with us all. Professional in a non-professional way!!! I'm not sure there are any improvements possible!! - Adele Flood -

A truly Amazing weekend. Feel totally rejuvinated and relaxed. Came at a time I needed to get things sorted in my head and just being able to take away a few little things and words to think about. To see things from a different angle and try to clear the head of worries. - Sandra Bell -

Came down here a little bit worried about what I was doing but upon arrival Olive was so welcoming and friendly that straightaway I relaxed and the whole weekend was so informative and inspiring that I am truly determined to change my lifestyle. The treatments and meditations were so inspiring and I feel I left behind a lot more baggage I was carrying and have a more positive outlook on life now. Thank you Olive. - Ursula Jacob -

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