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Olive MacDonagh welcomes you to Butterfly Cottage Retreat - a Holistic Health and Wellness Retreat, offering many things Relaxing and Nourishing here in Westmeath - the heart of Ireland. 

Connect with us today to find out how we can help you feel healthier and happier, get better sleep and have more energy to enjoy a better quality of life. 

We'll support you, to de-stress and reduce anxiety so that you can feel more relaxed in your mind and nourished in your body.  You can enjoy healing sounds, beautiful music, energy therapies, juicing and smoothies, healthy food, beautiful nature and so much more. 

Seek practical guidance from an expert nutritionist to help restore your energy levels, improve digestion, balance hormones and reduce inflammation. Tune in and reconnect with yourself through Olive's gentle, uplifting music, and follow our Relax and Nourish Blog for free guided meditations, healthful recipes, and other useful tools and techniques.   

We believe that you can dramatically improve your quality of life by taking some time out to recharge, reboot, and reignite your inner fire for life. Let us show you how! 
Our mantra: Let food be our medicine, let nature be our guide. Let sound be the healing force that takes us deep inside. 
Let us raise the Kundalini, set our gifts alight. Let us shine our lights together, we're alive!
Meet Olive MacDonagh
Butterfly Cottage Retreat

What We Offer

Many of our therapies and courses can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home as a virtual retreat. You can find out more about what we offer below. You can also Sign Up To Our Newsletter To hear about our exclusive offers and to enjoy a fab freebie!


  Imagine….being served healthy food, walking in nature, guided relaxation bliss & the healing sounds of gong as you pan out with NOTHING else to DO!

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Guided by a nutritionist, enjoy nature’s living foods, learn how to boost energy, reduce stress & inflammation, improve digestion & balance hormones. 

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Yoga, meditation, energy healing, sound healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & more.

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  A collection of healing music and powerful mantras, beautiful voice, guided relaxation and sound healing instruments.

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Butterfly Cottage Retreat

Treat Yourself Now

Butterfly Cottage Retreat offers a selection of online courses which are available on demand. We also offer one-to-one consultations by appointment, and retreat days throughout the year. Why not purchase a gift card and reward someone special with a treatment of their choosing?

Cleanse & Nurture - 6 Session Virtual Retreat Experience

Helping you to "Clear the sh*te so that you can find the light!"
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One to One Treatment Sessions

Currently offering Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and Sound Therapy Treatments.

Find YOUR Truth - Kundalini Yoga Virtual Retreat Experience

6 pre-recorded sessions to support you to find your purpose and truth.
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22.00 - 480.00
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Make Meditation Easy

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Butterfly Cottage Retreat

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Find out what we've been up to in our Relax & Nourish Blog.  You will also find Butterfly Cottage Retreat on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

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