Butterfly Cottage Retreat

Butterfly Cottage Retreat creates an intimate, warm, supportive environment where people can relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Here we guide, inspire, educate, motivate, and empower clients to relax and nourish their body, mind and soul, leading to healthier happier and more fulfilled lives.

We use kundalini yoga and meditation with live music and chant, guided relaxation with live music and sound healing, energy healing and tapping. We enjoy nature’s living foods, juice therapy and an expert nutritionist and therapist to help clients cope with stress, chronic illness, low energy, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances.

Our vision is a relaxed and nourished world where people are empowered to feel healthy, happy, energised, positive, fulfilled and loved.


Serving large dollops of self-care with a smidgen of fun, lashings of relaxation and a topping of nourishment for Body, Mind and Soul. Sprinkles of loving kindness optional!

ALL SERVED TO YOU with nothing for you to do except relax, enjoy and simply "be".

How about a getaway just for you or a healthy reunion with some pals you haven't caught up with in way too long?

BE your own VIP and give yourself a helping hand and give yourself the "you time" that you so need and deserve!

Have you been spending most or all of your time taking care of everyone else?

Are you feeling wrecked and on the verge of burn out?

Does it sometimes feel like you have you been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Have you been taking care of everyone else and their needs and know that a little support of someone taking care of you for a little while could go a long way?

Is it time to take a load off and recharge your battery?

OK.......let's face it......it's time to fill your own cup so that you can be your best self again, feeling renewed and having extra energy to give again, rearing to go and ready to take on the world!

Please be advised that side effects of visiting Butterfly Cottage may result in
* Feeling relaxed
* Feeling recharged
* Feeling nourished
* Feeling confident
* Positive thoughts
* Feeling motivated
* Reconnecting with yourself

*** Special bonus of mental clarity and no hangover!

Contact olive@butterflycottageretreat.ie for information and booking availability or call Olive on 087 9318859 with any questions ♡