Olive MacDonagh from Butterfly Cottage Retreat teaches yoga to help build self awareness to realign the body, mind and soul. Olive’s classes incorporate a wonderful blend of breathwork, movement, relaxation, meditation and live chant with harmonium and guitar. Relaxation and Nourishment for Body, Mind & Soul. Beginners most welcome to all classes. Ne experience or flexibility required!

Weekly Timetable for 2020 at Butterfly Cottage Retreat

(Please call to confirm bookings as places are limited and class times are subject to change)

Class Duration:  (60-75mins)

WEDNESDAY             –           5.30 pm                Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation

(Includes breathwork, postures and movement, guided relaxation and mantra meditation with live music)

THURSDAY                –          4.00 pm                Children’s Yoga, Meditation and Nourishment

Day Retreats, One-to-One appointments and workshops are also available. Please enquire for dates and details.

How can yoga classes benefit you and your life?

  • Increase energy & happy hormones
  • Boost immune system function
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, tension and depression
  • Balance nervous system for action and relaxation
  • Boost blood flow and cleanse the blood
  • Promote creativity and abundance
  • Aid digestion, Release toxins and aid concentration
  • Deliver us from the need of instant gratification
  • Develop compassion and understanding
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Bring about a sense of joy, peace and balance
  • Promote personal growth and positive transformation

Note: No experience or knowledge is necessary. Beginners are most welcome. It is about “being” rather than “doing”. It is about your individual experience rather than perfecting anything. Doing it from where you’re at and listening to your own body, mind & soul. I welcome you to join for this healing and fun experience to increase well-being, strength, flexibility, balance and peace. These gentle yoga classes are geared to improve restricted mobility, flexibility and balance and bring about “feel good” feelings that can set yo.u up for the week!. All are welcome.

Relaxation is also a very important part where you get to enjoy the bliss of the integration of all the energy after the breath and movement.

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