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Cleanse & Nurture – Time for an internal Spring Clean!

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You can take this journey at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Cleanse & Nurture Online is a virtual healing retreat experience that is for people who want to heal themselves naturally so that they can sleep better, have more energy on a daily basis, improve digestion and balance their hormones and emotions. With cleansing there is often a period of discomfort as we clear out the muck and when it is cleared we feel so much better and are at a new level of awareness from the growth period. In this way the tough patch becomes a gift rather than a “bad experience”. This course is designed to support you through that growth period so that it is a positive experience.

Each recorded session is accompanied by journaling questions for you to explore relevant to the topic.

This is a cleanse for your body, mind and soul with healing and nurturing support. This is for your emotions and mind as much as for your body and overall energy.

This course is about WAY more than nutrition. We all know that if we eat healthier and move more then we will be healthier but there are energetic blocks, mental stories and emotional blocks and beliefs that can blocking you from moving forward with a life that is full of what you would ideally choose it to include .

As we create space in our being with this cleanse we will bring focus onto creating a vision of what you want your life to look like….. a life of health, happiness, ease and joy ……your dreamy creative hobbies and if not already, eventually a job that lights you up as you move towards living your dharma and true purpose.

Is your life too full? Are you gone off track? Do you need to make some space for better habits?

This is a gorgeous way of loving yourself enough to look at what needs to be released in your life and what practices you need to include to support yourself best in moving forward. We will be cleansing stress, balancing emotions and looking at the masculine, feminine and inner child aspects of supporting ourselves during the cleansing process.

This course is a way to support yourself that is gentle and nourishing while cleansing and clearing that which no longer serves your deepest dreams and desires. You will learn very supportive tools which you will have for life.

By joining this course you have committed to showing up for you yourself. Well done!

You will be supported and guided beautifully to make some positive changes in your life in a supportive and nurturing way with an occasional loving nudge.

This is not your average cleansing program. It is not a quick fix and is about a journey to your true self underneath the layers of crap, gunk and muck from toxins, conditioning and un-serving habitual patterns and behaviours. We will be clearing physical, mental and emotional clutter and replacing with a few nurturing practices to support healing and growth.

I continually love to cleanse and do bigger cleanses in Spring and Autumn each year. I am really looking forward to supporting you with many years of experience in nutrition and healing therapies.

As you will discover it is a daily practice rather than something that is ever completed but it is common to experience some more intense cleansing changes if you are choosing to eliminate caffeine and/or all processed foods as the toxins are eliminated from your system (if your diet and lifestyle practices are not already sparkly clean…which if you are attracted to reading this you are probably ready to let go of a “bad” habit or few!)

This is not just about physical detoxing (you can take or leave this aspect of the course!) which will be supported with a master-class on holistic nutrition as one of the 6 sessions. This part is not mandatory but highly encouraged in a simple and gentle way. A bonus sample cleansing nutrition plan will be included but the focus will be on real food from the earth that is in season and suitable for YOUR lifestyle, YOUR needs and YOUR body type. You can choose to cleanse as lightly or deeply as you wish and do not need to make any drastic changes but rather a little change made consistently can make a very subtle and yet profound difference in the long run. If you sign up then you will take full responsibility for your own choices and preferences for the level of cleansing you undertake and if you need doctors approval or private support then you can undertake this separately to these sessions.

This course is also a great way to establish a supportive daily practice going forward if that is something that you have been thinking about for a while but haven’t quite gotten going with it.

The course will include nutrition, Kundalini yoga and meditation, healing mantra, emotional freedom technique, journaling and more. I highly recommend purchasing a notebook/journal for this course and I have some beautiful ones available for sale here at the retreat and on amazon.de but any nice journal or notebook will suffice. It is a great way for mental dumping of our garbage and stories, learn, grow and observe our patterns and behaviours during the course.

You can choose to deep dive into a challenging area of your life to uncover your deepest truths and belief system that has been running your behavioural patterns that are blocking you from moving forward.

Often we eat to cover the emotions that may crop up and often we are starving for something else but we fill that void with food. As we become more clear we can discover our deeper truths and desires. I will show you a very simple way to clear these patterns once we allow them to show.

We absolutely NEED to take better care of ourselves and this course is a great way to do just that!.

What’s included?

6 hour-long virtual healing retreat sessions that you can enjoy live or in your own time at your leisure with the recordings.

  1. Setting intentions and creating space for your supportive cleansing practice. ***Special Bonus track included for participants
  2. Nutrition master-class for cleansing and nurturing.
  3. Cleansing the sh*te to find the light – Reiki chakra cleanse and emotional freedom technique
  4. Cleansing with ho’oponopono – a meditation prayer to cleanse and nurture
  5. Cleanse and nurture with the elements.
  6. Visioning Session – Setting yourself up for success

BONUS 1: Music track – daily music meditation short practice

BONUS 2: Sample cleanse program to follow

BONUS 3: Recipe ideas and guidelines

BONUS 4: Guided relaxation

Lastly, for the ultimate support in your process you can treat yourself to come visit our retreat during your cleanse…you will be in a completely supportive space for a kick-start or for a lovely supportive boost along your 6 session journey!

Module 1 – Setting intentions – Mental Cleanse and Nurture

Setting intentions and creating space for your supportive cleansing practice. *******Please take a moment right now to set a weekly time in your calendar for the weekly video sessions so that you make yourself accountable for showing up for yourself and following through with your commitment. Smartphone reminders are ideal for weekly and daily practices so that you cannot forget and so that it is actually scheduled. (Often, what we don’t schedule doesn’t actually happen. Commit to yourself right now so that you guarantee your own results!)*******


Virtual Retreat – Tuning In to ourselves and the cycle of life – Sa Ta Na Ma Journaling self awareness practice Bonus track for daily practice ACTION STEP – Let's create results and celebrate!

Module 2 – Nutrition Masterclass and Meditation

Module 3- Emotional Cleanse and Nurture

Module 4 – Spiritual Cleanse and Nurture

Module 5 – Elemental Cleanse and Nurture

Module 6 – Visioning Session

BONUS FREE CLASS – Thank you for investing in Butterfly Cottage Retreat and in yourself!