Relax & Nourish Course




Is this you?

You are wrecked all the time, constantly chasing your tale and living on your nerves holding everything together by a thread?

You finding yourself constantly going for the unhealthy option cause it seems to give you a quick fix energy boost only to find you crash afterwards?

You never seeming to get a chance to relax ? It’s always at the bottom of your to-do list and you never actually get there ?

You know deep down that if you paid to attend a course you’d be much more likely to do it.

You could reap rewards having accountability and support with you on your journey.

Wouldn’t life be a lot nicer if you put your own self-care first ? I think so!

You want to be a better version of yourself for you and everyone else around you.

You think “putting their needs first” is doing them a favour but often in the long run you end up depleting yourself and resenting them and ultimately pleasing no-one.

I learned the hard way and endured 5 surgeries with a long term chronic illness and am on a long continued journey back to optimal health so I want to help people before it’s too late…..before that chronic illness has set it, before burn out, before any irreversible bad news from the doctor…..prevention is always better than cure and we can take control of at least our little bit to boost our chances and enhance our quality of life, every single day.

Wouldn’t you like a change from feeling tired all the time?

Are you enduring long periods of low moods and constant mental garbage chattering in the background?

Wouldn’t you like to feeling inspired to create an uplifting positive life filled with joy and the things we love and help share our gifts and find our true purpose of why we’re here?

Well you’re in the right place and maybe it’s no co-incidence you’re reading this post and this is the very thing you need to help you move forward with more ease in your life!

Olive MacDonagh from Butterfly Cottage Retreat teaches tools, techniques and therapies to help build self awareness to realign the body, mind and soul.

Olive’s yoga and healing classes incorporate a wonderful blend of breath-work, movement, relaxation, meditation and live music with chant.

Olive’s nutrition and juice therapy is practical, realistic and contains easy to implement tips for a busy lifestyle.

This course will provide Relaxation and Nourishment for Body, Mind & Soul.

Beginners most welcome to our Relax & Nourish Courses. No experience, knowledge or flexibility is required for this course!

This course can help you to :

  • Increase your energy & happy hormones
  • Develop a sense of peace in your mind
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, tension and depression
  • Create a sense of connection with nature and living food
  • Create feelings of inspiration and hope
  • Boost your immune system function
  • Balance your nervous system for action and relaxation
  • Boost blood flow and cleanse the blood
  • Promote creativity and abundance
  • Aid digestion, Release toxins and aid concentration
  • Develop a sense of gratitude for simple pleasures
  • Develop compassion and understanding
  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Bring about a sense of joy, peace and balance
  • Promote personal growth and positive transformation

Note: No experience or knowledge is necessary. Beginners are most welcome. Nutritional education brings a renewed sense of connection with nature and natural food.

Relaxation is about “being” rather than “doing”. Relaxation is a very important part of this course where you get to enjoy the bliss of the integration of all the energy after breath-work and movement. It is about your individual experience rather than perfecting anything. Doing it from where you’re at and listening to your own body, mind & soul. I welcome you to join for this healing and fun experience to increase well-being, strength, flexibility, balance and peace. This course is geared to motivate and inspire a positive outlook and bring about “feel good” feelings that can set you up for life!.

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