Butterfly Cottage Retreat

Doing our little bit during COVID – a little can sometimes go a long way xxx

Hello Butterfly Buddies,

I was considering how I could serve and help out in these strange times and had some inspiration the other morning and decided to come in every day live on our facebook page with some relaxation and nourishment for body, mind and soul (or on days when it’s not possible or practical I will post a video for you all to enjoy).

I will share for 11 minutes (or sometimes a little longer if i need to describe the mantra or technique we are using)

So come on in daily at 11am onto the Butterfly Cottage Retreat facebook page or watch the replay at a later time if you can’t make it.
Be sure to post a comment to say “hi”!

Here is the first day for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

See you for more of the 21 days if you can make it!

Feel free to share the videos so that you can find them when you need them on your own page and also to help to spread the wonderful relaxation and nourishment!

I wanted to contribute towards the global healing in some way in this strange time and realise that many people are suffering with illness, stress, frustration, loneliness and many other issues that may keep us from relaxing and keeping on top of self care practices.

I figured that a great way I could help out is to help people relax and nourish ( what I do best!!!!) so that they can feel healthier, happier and more peaceful.

Really hope to see some of you online in the coming days to enjoy the fabulous relaxation for free while I am available to do so!

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A gift from my heart to yours