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Healing deep listening relaxation that can help to relieve pain

A time for Deep Listening

If there was ever a time to STOP, a time to take notice of what is really going on for ourselves and in the world at large, it is NOW!. A time to reflect and take the opportunity to go inward and tune into ourselves to see how best we can move forward. Ironically, to retreat is often the best way to move forward in this life full of paradoxes!.
In most, if not every situation, it can help to take a step back and take a moment to step away from the busyness in our lives, our cluttered minds and our incessant thoughts that circulate and drive us to distraction, literally. It can help so much to see what is gong on, as the observer, and not to be so attached, so consumed and stuck in the muck!. It is so easy to stay on the hamster wheel of life but I highly recommend stepping off, even with the option of hopping back on at any time! With free will we have a choice in any moment to pause and become present, if only for a moment. The more of these moments we have, the more present we become in our lives and to “BE” present has so many benefits as we step away from all the DOING. This is a pattern that I am continuously working on as I use a practice of yoga and meditation to become more present every day and one of the reasons that I decided to convert my home into a retreat.
It can be amazing to notice from the outside as we step away from our usual patterns, look a little closer or journey deep within.
It can be difficult at first to be the observer of our own patterns, emotions and thoughts but like anything, with practice it becomes easier. To become aware of our own patterns and get to know ourselves can be one of the biggest gifts that we can give ourselves. The first step to change something is to notice it in the first place and once we notice it we are then in a position to observe it fully, potentially change how we think about it and then optimally perceive it in a new way as an opportunity to grow. We can then choose to make positive changes that will enhance our lives and ultimately the lives of everyone around us…. the fabulous butterfly effect!
So where do we start? How to we learn how to go inside, to learn to listen to ourselves or tap into this inner self?
A great way is through relaxation and meditation but for many people it can be so hard to switch off. A great way for anyone who is new to relaxation or mediation is to use music and sound healing. If you like music then music meditation or mantra meditation is AMAZING. Using the vibration of sound healing instruments like singing bowls, gongs and harmonium amongst others is a fabulous way to help relax and raise your vibration. With the understanding that everything is energy and that everything, including ourselves, holds a vibrational frequency we get to ‘up’ our frequency and slow ourselves down at the same time using this type of healing and meditation. These sounds and mantras help us to tune in and tune up our vibe!
A particular deep listening mantra and relaxation that I would like to introduce you to is called Suniai. It is part of a longer chant called japji, a morning practice that I came across during my training in kundalini yoga and meditation and fell in love with it. As a sound healer I am a huge fan of chanting with Tibetan singing bowls which I was intuitively drawn to do and I started creating my own version of this chant as I let my creative juices flow.
This relaxation is in a language called gurmukhi, and the original mantra text is a pauri extract of a scripture from the Sikh tradition. It is from my debut album ‘Relax and Nourish’ which you can check out or purchase in hard or digital copy here
I wanted to share this beautiful mantra with you as a gift to promote the healing of as many people as I can reach out to and “touch” at this difficult time. “Suniai dukh pap ka nas” translates to “listening, the pain will go away”. I hope you enjoy it and welcome you to come on a retreat day or overnight stay to enjoy more relaxation and nourishment here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat in the heart of Ireland.
I recommend laying down and covering yourself in a snuggly blanket for this one to really enjoy and benefit from these healing sounds.
Track : Suniai with Singing Bowl (10:56)
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Relaxation based on Pauris 8-11 from Japji Sahib, Great for releasing pain and entering a state of deep listening within your being.

If you enjoy our music and would like some more time fo relax with us then this you may really like our 6 Week Relax & Nourish Course and we welcome you to join us.