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Ho’oponopono Mantra Meditation

Hey Butterfly Buddies,

I wanted to introduce you to this wonderful Hawaiian forgiveness meditation technique that I use all the time.

I was introduced to this while on retreat and it moved me so much that I fell in love with it, decided to study it deeply and desired to embody the teachings behind it. This led me to create a musical version to use myself and to share with others.

The teaching behind this meditation is so empowering as we are challenged and empowered to take full responsibility, completely, for our circumstances, situations and experiences in our own reality around us. The belief that the teaching is based on is that everything that shows up in our life is a reflection of some part our ourselves. When we use this mantra we chant the mantra to clear whatever part of ourselves is projecting whatever we are experiencing. We “clear” with this mantra back to a “neutral” or “zero” state so that there is no issue, illness, discomfort, situation or whatever it is that is arising. We simply just keep chanting and “clearing” as “stuff” shows up in our lives. It can be great to help with stress, anxiety, unpleasant situations in relationships and help us feel better emotionally, mentally and even physically. This then obviously improves general well-being in every way which is wonderful.

We simply repeat the mantra in our mind, or aloud, over and over as many times as we like. A minimum of three times but as many times as you like. If nothing else, it replaces any negative thoughts that might be going around in your mind which is a huge plus in itself!. After some practice you can really ‘feel’ the mantra as opposed to just ‘saying it’ and this brings in the energy of connection even stronger which then helps to raise your vibration and helps to keep clearing limiting blocks and beliefs to living your best life….a win win!

The mantra:
I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

You can use these in any order, use just one line at a time, or whatever way you like. I like to use the four lines together in this order in my mind (if I’m in company!) or chant with my music if I can. Sometimes I like singing it while playing the guitar at events or if I’m in the mood in my retreat room. It’s a great tool if you are triggered by something and notice that you are suddenly not feeling aligned.

We say or sing “I’m sorry” for not being “connected” or in tune with “source” or the greater power that is beyond ourselves, God, or whatever you choose to connect with.
We say or sing “Please forgive me” for not being “connected” as if we truly were then we would not be experiencing this, whatever it is we are clearing.
We say or sing “I love you” as we connect, immediately raising our vibration.
We say or sing “Thank you ” as gratitude always connects us in a deeper way and always raises our vibration as we give thanks for our connection.

It is a beautiful teaching and meditation to do as a group and it’s one of my favourites to do at events and at our community chant and chat that I host here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat and more recently online.
I hope you find this useful and enjoy this mantra as much as I do. I literally found it life-changing.

Listen to it here:

This mantra is one of the tracks on my debut album, Relax & Nourish, which is a mini retreat in itself. It includes a 17 minute guided relaxation with sound healing, an 11 minute deep listening meditation to help release pain on every level and another favourite healing mantra known to be so powerful that it can lift depression. You can purchase a hard copy album or download a digital copy of this mantra or the full Relax & Nourish album to have a mini retreat for yourself at home you can find it here

Digital copy

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Olive MacDonagh
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