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How to feel centered over Christmas… and a few festive gifts just for you! Recipe, 20% Discount, Songs and a Story from Mrs Clause

It is SO important to look after our health and wellbeing so that we can be there for ourselves, our friends and our families in a calm and centered state. This also means we are well enough to enjoy ourselves and have an ol’ bit of craic’ too over the festive season yet still avoid the Christmas chaos!

Coping with all the jobs that you ‘have to do’ that are ‘on your plate’. Preparing everything amongst all the hustle and bustle over the Christmas period can be a challenge. The pressure for delivering X, Y &Z from every Tom, Dick and Harry at work. Mary needs this, Ann needs the other. We’ve created deadlines for ourselves at home too with family requests coming out our ears. How can we cope? AGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Well, firstly, STOP! Take a breath or even a few! Inhale for 2, exhale for 4! Does what you’re stressing about REALLY matter in the bigger picture?. Do a reality check from a broader perspective and ask yourself is it really a priority and how could you make it easier for yourself. Feel your feet connected to the ground. Inhale deeply, allow your abdomen to expand and fill like a balloon. Exhale slowly and empty fully and completely. Observe yourself repeating this pattern a few times and notice how you feel. Do this EVERY time you notice yourself out of alignment over the festive season until it becomes a natural habit for you.

It’s very important to take a moment so slow down Realise that we’ve just allowed things to run away with themselves and we can re-centre in any moment once we make that choice. Retreating is most often the best way to move forward! It can give us the time and the space to re-assess and reprioritise what’s going on in our lives. Retreats offer some healthy nourishment and relaxation which in my opinion makes everything seem easier.

We can become discombobulated, frantic, stressed and then confused and overwhelmed in a state where nothing gets done but we’re still going round and round thinking about all the to-do’s which puts us even more into a tizzy! It can all be just too much after months or years of the same merry-go-round. Do you realise that a little bit of support would be fantastic to get you into more of a relaxed state, (and keep you there!) so that you can be in a good place for the holiday season? We can’t do everything ourselves. After all, that’s why we’re here….to support each other in our own special way.

Let’s make this Christmas a “Merry-Go-Ground” instead of a Merry-go-round! One where you can feel supported and grounded in your choices!

Well I’m happy to say that I’M HERE TO HELP! I’m not Santa Clause but I am the next best thing when it comes to helping you to feel at peace in your mind, calm in your body, joy in your emotions and positivity in your attitude over the festive season! I have some beautiful virtual retreats that are 6 sessions to enjoy over the holidays at your own pace in your own space. You could then book a retreat to look forward to in the New Year with a few pals for a long overdue catch up.

If you need a few last minute pressies I invite you to consider the gift of health and wellness to treat your friends & family this Christmas in a very healing and healthy way while supporting everyone’s wellbeing. I have vouchers which can be used against any product or service here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat.

You’d also be supporting a local business that has had many restrictions over the last number of years. A WIN WIN for us all! It’s your chance to show you care about those who are trying to make a positive difference in the world by supporting our hearts and minds to make this a nicer world to live in.

Would you like to feel a bit healthier this Christmas? Don’t use it as an excuse to become a personal dust-bin for junk food which you know will result in making you feel bad about yourself afterwards. We can all enjoy a few treats guilt free as part of a balanced life but when it comes to gorging in guilt you’d prefer to avoid that self sabotage pattern this year, surely. Wanna learn a healthy recipe for festive treats? Here’s one for you to enjoy!

Festive Energy Balls

Blend in blender/processor:

1 cup ground nuts

1 cup soaked dates

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp ground cloves

Juice of 1 inch of ginger

Squeeze of fresh lemon


Do you need a little time out for self care after a hectic year or two so that you can be the best you for everyone around you? If you’re not treating someone else maybe it can be on your wish list if you’re asked what you’d like.

Would you like to treat someone special to a day out, just for the two of you, to be relaxed and nourished into blissfulness to recharge you for the season ahead. Take responsibility for you own health and wellness!

How about a small reunion with a few pals as a reunion or catch up in a healthy and safe environment and leave on top of your game all set for the year ahead? Learn how to make healthy raw chocolate and relaxing breathing techniques to enjoy better health or just chill in a sound bath of gongs, bowls and healing vibrations?

Would you like a getaway to look forward to so that you know you’ll get back on track straight after Christmas?

If you’d prefer a private online course that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home to RELAX AND NOURISH yourself back to a peaceful calm state, learn a few basic practices to support you in de-stressing with our BREATHE MORE STRESS LESS course or get your nutrition back on track in the new year by booking our CLEANSE & NURTURE course. Is your life off track and you’d like to move physically a bit more and spend some time discovering yourself true self in FIND YOUR TRUTH Kundalini Yoga and meditation course. Or you’d prefer something more fun and come here on RE-TREAT yourself.

Maybe you’re not sure which course would suit you best so you’d like a voucher and to have a chat with me to ask which might suit your needs best? Bingo, you got it!

We got ya covered with all your relaxation and nourishment needs from our gift sets of relaxation music CDs, incense and notebook journals to vouchers for online courses, in person treatments, retreat days or healthy wellness getaways. This Christmas you’ll get a bonus digital copy of the CD with your purchase!

Email olive@butterflycottageretreat.ie with any questions or book on www.butterflycottagereteat.ie

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Here’s some Festive Carols for you all to enjoy from a recent event that I sang at 🙂

More importantly, here’s one for the kiddies to enjoy: Mrs Clause reading the night before Christmas



Let me be your Olive branch this Christmas,

Wishing you lots of love and support during this festive season,

In health and happiness,

Olive xxx