Butterfly Cottage Retreat

How to heat things up in this colder weather!

Hug in a Mug!

As the weather changes it can be a time for our systems to cleanse too. It’s lovely to have a healing and warming boost each morning to stay well.

In these times we can often get colds or flus as the weather cools. We can be are around people with colds, if we go outside with wet hair or if our system can’t release gradually and decides to release lots of mucus or phlegm quickly.

See it as a cleanse for your body and embrace what’s going on for you. We need to take some time to relax and help our body to cleanse naturally with nature’s goodness. This way we allow our body to release what it needs to. It’s a great time to rest and nurture ourselves.

It’s also often in these times of rest that we can receive great inspiration and creative ideas if we give ourselves the time to tune in and not clog ourselves up with busyness or other substances to block the release of whatever we need to let go of.

Check out this easy, simple and quick recipe below to show yourself some love in these times!.

Hug in a Mug

If you’d like to learn more about nutrition and healing the natural way you can join us on our 6 part Cleanse and Nurture online video and journaling course which is now running. It really can help to support you in FEELING and THINKING so much better on a daily basis in your life!

Very excitingly, this was this first recipe video that I shot in my new nutrition studio space! Yipeeeee! I taught my first live online nutrition course module in here today and it felt SO great to be spreading the health, wellness and empowerment of taking responsibility for our own healing journeys!

Since starting my nutrition training and exploration in 2010, it has been an incredible journey. It stemmed from being diagnosed with a stage IV chronic illness while I was working as a chartered accountant. I developed such a passion for it on my own healing journey that I set up a small retreat to share all my knowledge and experience with you! I believe so strongly that we can do SO much to help ourselves in a natural way once we bring responsibility back to ourselves for our own health and circumstances. From being a victim to our crappy health we can become empowered and energised and start living life from a much more holistic place and in an integrated way as we listen to our bodies!

Nutrition is the foundation of my own self care practice and personal support to enjoy everything else. It’s one of the building blocks of my self care that I value SO much because it allows me the energy to record my music, play tennis and swim, travel to chanting events and enjoy everything else that I choose to have in my life. It is a key factor of my self care practice that evolves as my life and body changes and grows over time. It is a daily practice like everything else. From feeling like I was “87” as I used to say in my 30’s to feeling better than ever in my 40’s has been a miracle that I want to share with others. I am so grateful to have gone from feeling totally ‘unplugged’ to feeling inspired and energised enough to share the work that I absolutely LOVE.

I can’t wait for you to come visit and experience a retreat day for nutrition and relaxation!.

Would you like to taste delicious healthy warm dishes on retreat?

Delve into learning about juices & smoothies for health?

Treat yourself to some healthy raw chocolate making? YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!

Email olive@butterflycottageretreat.ie for details to book your small group or book on www.butterflycottageretreat.ie under retreats.