How to TRANSFORM and it’s role in The Cycle of Life (Sa Ta Na Ma)


I have been reluctant to speak up about the current state of affairs as I’m not “into politics” and it has never been something that has resonated with me. Now it’s unavoidable as we have all been thrown into making choices that affect our lives on so many levels that we have no choice but to take a moment to speak up so that others know that they are not alone and if we are to hold our integrity in our own life choices.

I am witnessing wonderful people turn against each other because of the lack of medical freedom and beliefs that differ from their peers. On one hand one group is deemed as selfish and careless for “putting others at risk” and another controlling and manipulative for needing everyone to act on their belief system to an unreasonable measure. A lose lose no doubt. I really hope that we can find a peaceful way of coming together and I hope that we can all take a step back and look at the bigger picture beyond our own needs but also including them at a basic level.

I have witnessed lately so many people close to me going against their own beliefs and truth because of reasons that they felt were out of their control and it is very sad to watch, albeit part of growth and everyone’s individual journey.

There are always consequences to our actions and now these consequences are tough to swallow on both sides and are tough on everyone around us too as we navigate our individual truths through these challenging times of what appears to be leading to more separation. “Truth’s” that sometimes appear entirely conflicting with those in our immediate lives. So where does this leave us? We all learn and grow but it doesn’t make it easier when we’re in the thick of it and feel that we are going against the beliefs of people that we love. We can agree to disagree but then we’re faced with the next step of the reality in the world at large that we all need to share this world together despite our different beliefs and “truths”. We all have different perceptions based on our memories and experiences.

In challenging times I find that a great way to find solace and learn about ourselves, which is ultimately the same as learning about the bigger picture around us, is simply to CHANT!

I wanted to introduce you to this chant, which is singing a mantra, if you are not already familiar and provide some guidance with it so that you can practice this yourself and receive whatever teaching it is meant to bring in your life. It can bring mental clarity, balance. It can de-stress and has a feel-good factor. Worth a try, right?

To download the 10 minute recorded track which you can use for a morning practice and hear a sample click here

This Kirtan Kriya or Cycle of Life meditation is a go-to for me and one that I am using on a course that I am hosting at present which is about cleansing and nurturing ourselves as we go through a transforming time in our lives. A change in health, a change of relationships, a change of jobs, a change of home or a likely upcoming one. That way we can be more prepared for change.

What is a mantra, I hear you ask? A mantra is a ‘mind wave’ or ‘mental projection’…words used in a particular rhythm or sequence that hold a particular frequency or vibration. This particular mantra I’m sharing today stems from the seed mantra “Sat Nam” from which it implies that everything that is in the tree is also in the seed of the tree……what’s in the DNA is in the whole body , same as what’s within us is projected onto our outside reality …”so within, so without”….

For this particular mantra we use the sounds

Sa (Infinity)

Ta (Life/existence)

Na (Death/Transformation)

Ma (Rebirth/New chapter)

As we move through life seeing that everything is in cycles including our lives themselves. These cycles repeat over and over….like the seasons….like our womb cycle. We can tap into ‘SA‘ this infinite /god/ cosmic energy/ love whatever we want to call this energy which is bigger than we are. We often realise that this phase of the cycles exists in a time of major crisis like death or illness or like now in a huge time of transformation that is beyond our human control. In any moment our lives can change so dramatically. This is the power of the infinite.

We then bring this infinite energy into our ‘here and now’ lives Ta in this physical 3D reality and live our existence. This can be the only phase in the cycle really obvious to us before we go on a trip of self discovery. The more we examine this phase the more we realise that it the very present NOW is so important and that it doesn’t help us to live in the past (which can be linked to depression) or live for the future (which can lead to anxiety).

Then we move into the Na , the transformation phase. This is hugely linked to cleansing and the clearing our the out of “clutter” that no longer serves us in our emotions, mind and physical body. These are all linked obviously as everything is when we look at life holistically. We need this phase so that we can create space …otherwise we get stuck, stagnant, irritable and start to suffer. This is the place were we can become so uncomfortable if we don’t move and flow. we stagnate. This often builds anger and resentment or inflammation or whatever form it takes on in our lives until we simply HAVE to make a change because it’s too uncomfortable. The old dies… Death is inevitable so we need to do our best to accept and embrace this part of life which can be very difficult as it is beyond our control and we need to surrender to this fact. When we finally decide to LET GO, cleanse , “release the shite to find the light” as I love to call it my dietary and energy work….the next phase has a chance to emerge….in our lives, in our health, in our jobs….or wherever it is relevant to us. Another layer of the onion comes off as we become closer to our truth and universal truth itself. I encourage you to let something go FULLY today as a symbol of a step forward for all of us! Burn, dump, gift, donate or sell to send it off with love as you say “thank you” for whatever reason it was in your life and “goodbye”.

Then we can emerge into the new chapter……from clearing that space in our lives we get to embark on the new chapter Ma……and then we begin again…..from a new place….with our new learnings from the past. If we don’t allow this cycle often we are forced into change until we can learn our lessons ourselves. The rebirth of this new new chapter awaits us once we move though the Na.

Let’s welcome in this next phase together as we chant this mantra together to raise our vibes and move through to balance ourselves…and the whole world at large if enough of us do it together to balance the whole.

What a great teaching from the mantra…I just LOVE it. If you’d like to learn how to practice this mantra you can watch this video and I’d love see you at Butterfly Cottage Retreat for a retreat please God sometime soon.

We can see this cycle clearly in nature as we watch a seed grow into a plant, then die off and become the soil for the new seeds to grow in. Nature is such a great teacher…….. if we take the time to smell the roses!

When we can no longer see the wood from the trees or when we feel like it’s all just “too much” it is time to take a step back…take some quality time out…take time for…… a RETREAT!

For those interested in learning more about mantras I have a MIRACLE MANTRAS course starting in the second week of January 2022. Put it on your wish-list if ya fancy trying out something new!

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I recommend practicing for 40 days and having a lovely notebook journal to jot down any insights from your practice.

Chat ‘ yiz laters!