(Written by Olive MacDonagh, Butterfly Cottage Retreat, member of AOSTI)

We all have our very own free & readily available internal piece of sound healing equipment.

Did you know that you have endless healing potential literally at the tip of your tongue? 

And did you know that you can increase its power and projection by involving your naval and a few other techniques?

Do you know what I’m talking about? 

Let me share a little about chanting and mantra meditation. It can change your whole world in a matter of minutes!

So what is it?

It’s a way of devotional singing that often uses rhythmic, repeated, holy words, in a specific way, to move energy and create an amazing result of pure bliss!

This practice can change your state of being in a matter of moments from stress and mental garbage to gorgeousness and natural ecstasy. 

A form of sound healing where we use the vibration of our own beings, our voice, is called chanting and uses a form of mantra meditation. 

It is a form of sound yoga and connects us to the ‘naad’ or sound current.

It is one of, if not THE most, healing vibrations to use our own voice, internally vibrating sacred sounds. It is a very powerful healing tool at our disposal at any moment in time.

Done correctly and consistently it can bring us into a state of health, harmony, peace and power. Chanting Holy and beautiful names we can clear Karma, un-serving patterns, behaviours and habits that are keeping us stuck in negative ways.

We can gain mental clarity by bringing ourselves into the neutral mind and letting go of the mental clutter that can haunt us when left to consume our days and nights.

We can awaken our heart and soul and feel love like never before as we connect with the ‘anahata’, the stillness and peace between the sound, the ‘unstruck’ sound of silence.

Mantra as a meditation is an amazing way to dissolve the chatter as we learn how to master our own minds. With practice we invite our mind to be our friend and serve our best interest as opposed to letting it run a muck and acting more like an enemy or bold child!

Through chanting we can bring our being back into balance and harmony. We can become very grateful of the essence of the sound current as we connect to something much bigger than ourselves. It gives us a sense of freedom and brings with it joy, peace and elation! 

Mantra, or Man-tra translates to Mind (Man) and Wave (tra), or mental projection or mental deliverance. We can learn to liberate the mind, ourselves and connect to the infinite, divine nature of life. We connect to the pieces of ourselves that are invisible and unlimited. This can help us release fears, anxiety, loneliness of the material world as we connect to pure presence…and a state of pure bliss in my experience. By chanting we become aware of our own true identity

The pleasure is beyond what any material attachment can bring us as we raise our own vibration and internal frequency. Each mantra can tune us into a different frequency and create different experiences and results. 

Chanting is a form of spiritual work where we share our devotion to GOD, the Generator, the Organiser and Deliverer of life force energy. Many of the Mantra Meditations involve chanting different names for ‘God’ in the different traditions in its variety of form and formlessness. After some time chanting we become the chant, the naad, the beingness and merge with the essence of sound itself, the sound current. We eventually experience becoming the vibration of the mantra and move into peace of mind and love in heart.

Through our experience we learn how to connect within, project outwardly, amplify our internal power, tune in to ourselves, and honour and respect this powerful practice that’s available to us all.

Worth a try!, right?

Free meditation video series where I introduce you to some of these practices at

If you’d like to explore this practice some more I welcome you to visit Butterfly Cottage Retreat in Co. Westmeath or if you haven’t your summer hols planned then we welcome you to join us in May for a for a week-long Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat in Croatia. for more details on our retreats and Mantra Medicine 6 week online course starting in July 2024.


Olive is the hostess of the mostess and founder of the award winning Butterfly Cottage Retreat. She is a mantra artist and has recorded 4 albums of yoga music, sound healing and mantra meditation. 

You can find these on spotify, itunes and insight timer amongst other platforms.

Olive MacDonagh, Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Professional Sound Therapist with the Association of Sound Therapists in Ireland.