Butterfly Cottage Retreat

Launch of ‘Miracle Mantras’ Album with the Harvest Moon

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!!!!!!

Like a child opening a Christmas present I was bursting with Joy as I opened the box containing the Hardcopy CDs. I have just finished sending out the first lot of preorders of the digital files and Hardcopy CDs and can now say it can be downloaded immediately and is available for sale on my website – WAHE GURU!!!!!!

It is perfect timing with the harvest moon tomorrow and the weather predicted to be nice for the garden and outdoor chanting in the stone circle. Fingers n toes crossed as many have planned to attend.


To mark the celebration we will create a harvest mandala together in the centre of the stone circle by everyone so upon arrival you can place something in there and we can create it together.

A mandala is a piece of art that aids meditation and looks so beautiful. It will be a circle of healing in symmetrical beauty made with things from nature and honouring the harvest moon. 


You can enjoy wandering the meditation garden – there are a few beautiful little areas to discover, meditate and play with. Feel free to take photos and tag Butterfly Cottage Retreat in any posts from the day so that we can all enjoy any excitement that we might miss!


The stone circle has 13 stones – one for each moon. Walk around the circle clockwise three times and set an intention (for kids to make a wish!) can be a beautiful and simple meditation. We will chant a full moon mantra together from my new album in the stone circle together. This is the second track from the album called Sa Re Sa Sa also known as the Antar Naad Full Moon Mantra which invites the essence of the sound current and helps to harness the energy of the moon.

NOTE: Bring a mat, cushion and blanket for the meditation at 6pm


This is a meditation walk for Peace and Unity in Ireland. Planted with Deirdre Hannon this was the 58th planted in Ireland for this initiative. It is a triple spiral living design with 11 hazel trees in each spiral and a central birch tree. You can walk the outside of a spiral and then back on the inside and this takes you naturally to the next spiral and so on til you’re back at the centre. Again you can set an intention for peace and follow your breath or a chant as you complete the walk. The first track from the album called Sat Narayan is a mantra for inner peace which is perfect to chant on this walk and I do this regularly! You can download the album onto your phone and play as you walk 🙂


Wander and find this beautiful big Beech tree that just loves hugs in the south west corner! Walk on the stones up the centre to give and receive a hug for this gorgeous tree. A perfect size and a lovely place to ground and rest. You can sit to rest or lay beside our very own Eriu Mother Earth feature who rests here as an anchor and a guardian of the garden helping everyone who visits to relax and heal. 


Chakras are wheels of life, energy centres in and around the physical body and are used as focal points for aspects and areas of healing. There are particular sounds that resonate with each chakra and it is very healing to sound these with a long exhale while having your attention on these areas. 

Step onto each stepping stone and take a moment to inhale and bring focus to the relevant area in your being. As you exhale, sound the vibration for the relevant chakra and listen deeply to feel the resonance of your own sound. Your own internal sound current is very healing so practice as many times as you like.


This is a hidden little gem where you can set more intentions and release any blocks to your dreams. Wander and find this area where you will greet the elements of air, earth, fire and water.

You can choose a little stone from the container inside the entrance and place a little stone wherever you are drawn along the spiral along with the other stones.

N.B.Please note that stones and crystals in the stone labyrinth are not to be moved. I will designate an area in the garden for kids to play. It is not a kids event but kids are welcome under the supervision of a parent or guardian. 


You are welcome to a complementary cuppa (from the juice studio area which you’ll see when you arrive) and a little home-made treat (my family and I have been baking up a storm so that each of you can enjoy a little taste of Butterfly Cottage and something to enjoy for each of your senses!) These include little treats with raspberries and apples from the garden and some other delicious delights. Welcoming you to mindfully receive these delights into your system that are made with love for this special day in this harvest time. There will be some delicious fruits from the garden to sample. Apples, raspberries and blackberries are abundant and we will include these as an edible part of the mandala that we will feast on together at the end.

PRACTICAL NOTE: Please return plates and cups to the studio to keep the place beautifully tidy and relaxed to be enjoyed by everyone.


To celebrate the launch of the album you will be able to purchase a hardcopy CD here at Butterfly Cottage or a digital copy that you can download onto your computer or phone. Here is a link to purchase the digital link and Hard Copy CDs if you want to pass on to anyone or see the information for the album. 

They will be EUR20 here on the day for CD or EUR10 for digital download.

Click this for the purchase link which has details of the tracks: https://butterflycottageretreat.ie/music/available-tracks/

I will have a card machine but cash is preferable.

There will also be lovely notebook journals, my other albums and a few other special offers available on the day to purchase if you’d like to enjoy some more relaxation and nourishment at Butterfly Cottage Retreat or with me online with some virtual retreats.

At around 6pm there will be some live music meditation/sound bath in the stone circle. Please bring a mat/cushion/blanket to enjoy (I have a few spares in case you forget but best to have your own if it’s handy to bring for extra comfort!) We will gather around the stone circle and celebrate the harvest moon together – a dream come true that really is a miracle.

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Bountiful blessings, lots of love & miracles,