I love how singing or listening to music can change a persons energy dramatically...... and so quickly.


Music and mantra meditation are an integral part of the retreats here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat. My guests and I seem to have a huge passion for the sound vibration of music. I love how singing or listening to music can change a persons energy dramatically...... and so quickly. Be sure to check out our shop for digital downloads of all of my tracks available.

Hearing your favourite song can bring such joy and a smile to your face in moments!.  Sound and Music are great healing tools when it comes to relaxing and also great tools to help us move when we hear an inspiring beat. The Adi Shakti on Divine Creative Power is one of my favourite mantras to get me moving freestyle. It's fascinating how music can set a mood and bring change to our systems and environment in mere seconds.

Using Beautiful Bountiful Bliss chant we can up our inner vibration to feel fabulous before we greet the outer world any day. One of my favourite morning practices The Morning Call can be a powerful mantra to align our systems and set us up for the day.

I have always loved to sing. I sang as a soloist and in various choirs growing up, at weddings, events, in church and with various barbershops over the years. I love to sing harmony and when harmonious sounds come together it is so wonderful. The magic of a recording studio means that I can put my own harmonies together in tracks. I love when melodies and harmonies to songs and mantras come to me during relaxation and meditation and moon time seems to play a role in this. 

During meditation and self-discovery, I came to know deep inside that unless music and singing was part of my work and life purpose that my work would not be enough to make me happy. Thankfully, a whole new world opened when Kundalini Yoga brought that gift alight and I discovered that chanting with harmonium, singing bowls and guitar could be part of my working life at retreats and events and then sound healing appeared on my radar - amazing! I love to run Community Chant and Chat events for the community so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to hear about these events.

Sound Healing can bring such inner healing and joy to life and works on the basis that everything has a frequency, and we can literally change our frequency using sound as a tool. Using Mantra Meditation is a fantastic way to tune in to our own sound and can bring such joy and healing to our lives. Sound healing features on the guided relaxing on the Relax & Nourish Album.

Music can have a powerful effect to bring emotions to the surface to heal when it comes to pain and grief and can aid in releasing pain, grief and other emotions in a healthy way. Suiniai mantra on Relax & Nourish and the Akal mantra on Divine Creative Power upcoming album are examples of this. 

Relax & Nourish

Some of the best days of my life so far have been the days in the studio where I recorded my first albums. It brings me such joy to give myself permission to record mantra meditation and healing music with such passion and joy with the intention to relax, nourish and bring healing to the lives of others. 

My debut album Relax & Nourish which is available in hard copy and digitally is an album that brings together mantra meditation and guided relaxation with sound healing.  It is like a mini retreat on an album and helps to bring relaxation, prosperity, love, forgiveness, and help release pain. It features on our 6 week Relax & Nourish Course.

Track Listing

  1. Mul Mantra with Harmonium (7:35) - Root Meditation to remove fate, lift mood and ultimately bring a destiny of prosperity. From the first Pauiri of Japji Sahib.
  2. Suniai with Singing Bowl (10:56 ) - Relaxation based on Pauris 8-11 from Japji Sahib, Great for releasing pain and entering a state of deep listening within your being.
  3. Ho’oponoopono Meditation (5:09 ) - Hawaiian spiritual meditation technique which empowers you to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, memories and blocks to living your best life!
  4. Guided Relaxation with Gong and Chime (17:41) - Guiding you into a deep healing relaxation with sound healing. Sound Healing is believed to be the medicine of the future.
Having not read the cover notes I had no expectation of the cd and therefore did not realise that the entree of those first few delicious songs / mantras were paving the way for a magnificent main course. Then the journey began, and all was left aside for a wonderful journey home to that great dimension of 'I am'. It was so beautifully done Olive. The body scan / yoga nidra leading to the deepest sound bath I have ever encountered. Those deep deliciously soothing tones entered my being and left no 'cell' untouched. And now dear Olive, thanks to you - 'I am' once again. With appreciation for your divine essence.   


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Divine Creative Power

Divine Creative Power contains a series of mantra meditations for manifesting infinite abundance. These mantras which work through all of the chakras can help to bring you "home" to yourself and tune inwards to connect with the power of the infinite creator within. This CD works wonderfully as a morning practice to start your day amazingly and some tracks feature on our Find YOUR Truth course 6-week course.

Track Listing

  1. Track 1: Adi Shakti Morning Call - Long Ek Ong Kars - (8:55) A fabulous chakra tune up ideal for a morning practice to align your system.
  2. Track 2: Adi Shakti Namo Namo (11:28) An awakening mantra for your divine creative feminine energy.
  3. Track 3: Sat Nam (Siri Wahe Guru) (10:54) Kundalini yoga seed mantra. Chanting 'Sat Nam' translates to "I am truth" and helps to release anything that is not your truth, hence aligning with your highest purpose.
  4. Track 4: Bountiful Beautiful Bliss (11:21) Mantra to boost self-esteem and confidence. A gorgeous uplifting mantra to feel positive, prosperous and confident so that you can create the life you love.
  5. Track 5: Om Ériu Sunda Ma Ha Sa - Invocation of the 3 Realms (7:34) Celtic Invocation of the three realms of the middle world, upper world and underworld.
  6. Track 6: Har Prosperity Meditation (11:31) Mantra meditation for manifesting prosperity by harnessing the power of the infinite.
  7. Akal Mantra with Sound Bowl (7:01) - This is a beautiful mantra for grief. Akal means undying soul and this connects us to the infinite part of the soul that never dies. A great mantra to chant for a soul passed over, for ourselves and for friends and family grieving. Chanting monotone for 3+ rounds.  

You can pre-order your hardcopy CD here which is lovely as a gift or download digitally here to have on your computer or phone.


Everything Is Possible

Everything is Possible kids single is an upbeat song based on the spiritual laws by Deepak Chopra which help us to know and to affirm the spiritual laws of success in life. 

Mantra meditation is a great way for children to take some time having fun and relaxing at the same time which can be necessary to alleviate stress which is more common in children’s lives these days. Feel Happy In Less Than 10 Minutescan be a great tool to help kids relax and have fun. 

During the radiant child yoga classes that I previously ran, the children loved the relaxation with mini sound baths using bowls, chimes and gong and said that it was their favourite part of the class. 


Mantra Medicine 6 Week Online Course


Would you like to learn more about the healing benefits of mantra meditation and how to use if to improve your life? Come join us on a fab 6 week …

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Sounds of Wellbeing - Downloadable Digital Tracks

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Relax & Nourish Album (Digital Downloadable Tracks)

These make beautiful gifts and are the next best thing to coming to a retreat until you can actually make it here!
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Divine Creative Power Album - Downloadable Digital Tracks

Digital Copy of tracks - Divine Creative Power Album
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