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If you are feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, skin issues, constipated or sleep issues it is very likely that your diet is playing a large role in your situation.  

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you have difficulty with bowel movements? 
Are you waking during the night? 
Is your urine dark in colour? 
Are you craving sugar all the time and never satisfied? 
Do you have inflammation, chronic pain, stress or constant tiredness?

Nutrition - Butterfly Cottage Retreat

What's Going On With Our Nutrition Nowadays Anyway?

The first factor is that most people are over fed, yet under nourished. With today's lifestyle and in our current environment, advertising and outer influences often lead us to grabbing food type products rather than actual food. 

With everyone's extremely busy lives convenience seems to prevail and unfortunately fast food often leads to refined sugar laden, chemically driven products that barely resemble real food and often contain absolutely no life-force and minimal nutrients. 

This can cause actual damage when it comes to digesting “food” in our bodies and if prolonged can lead to many health issues. Would you like to learn how to make healthier alternatives to processed packaged “food” that are quick, easy, economical and not too obscure?

A second factor is that two qualified people will tell you the exact opposite thing when it comes to nutrition -  and both be “right”! It can get so overwhelmingly confusing when it comes to knowing what to consume. How do you know who to believe? I can show you how to navigate this with ease!

A third factor that is at play these days is stress. If our bodies are not relaxed then we simply cannot digest our food. We simply need to be in rest and digest mode to reap the benefits of the nutrition we consume. Our retreats and therapies can greatly help with this.

Like exercise or yoga, nutrition is a practice and a lifestyle that becomes part of your daily behavioural needs to support your health and wellbeing. If you would like support with this then read on.

Nutrition at at Butterfly Cottage Retreat

As well as being a nutritionist and juice therapist, I have trained in Ayurveda and am energy therapist so I believe that the energy of our food is very important. I believe in a wholefoods personal 'tune-in' nutrition system that incorporates within it, an environmental GPS system:

How our food is Grown?
How it is Prepared?
How it is Served?
With love???!!!!

At Butterfly Cottage Retreat we grow some of our own food and it is one of my many passions and joys in life. I love to forage and enjoy both cultivated and wild food from our garden. I really enjoy the creativity of cookery and preparing healthful food. It is also a constant endeavour to fill the food with extra love from chanting as I prepare and serve!.

This GPS system is then supported by a foundation of nutritional education and married to inner guidance which is developed with practice and observational techniques. Like everything it is an ongoing practice as our bodies change with our cycles and over time. With a system these changes can be easier to manage. The benefits are absolutely amazing as we learn what food is good for our personal needs and then we can have more energy to enjoy the rest of what life has to offer. With balanced energy and good health everything is easier!. We can sleep better, stress less, reduce bloating, fatigue, headaches, constipation and many other ailments so that we can not only reduce symptoms but actually feel good and live a healthier and happier life. I have been on a continued journey with this since 2008 and have learned some amazingly helpful practices that I love to share.

If learning more about nutrition, the energy of food and healthy lifestyle practices interests you then take a look at our wonderfully supportive offerings below to see how you could support yourself by learning about nutrition and how to apply that knowledge practically and easily in a busy life.

Nutrition - Butterfly Cottage Retreat

Nutritional Education and Experiences

 Nourishment that will change your lifestyle forever!

Want to treat yourself (and maybe friends or family too) to a beautiful day out to enjoy some well deserved time out for yourself to be nourished, relaxed, educated, motivated and inspired to lead a healthier happier life? Or learn at your own pace on a digital course?

Juice Therapy Course - Juicy Nourishment

A Juicy Kitchen leads to a Juicy Life!
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Kundalini Awakening Support & Life-Force Health Transformation

An educational and experiential course for personal development that promotes health, reduces stress, and brings about positive transformation.
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We offer wonderful online courses which act as a virtual retreat in your own home for those who cannot attend the retreat days or would like additional support.  

Nutrition - Butterfly Cottage Retreat


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