Olive MacDonagh

I welcome you to join me on my continued journey at Butterfly Cottage Retreat so we can learn and grow together and share the fun, friendship, healing and love that can help heal us all.


I discovered my passions through several health challenges. Formerly a chartered accountant with a busy lifestyle, I was faced with a stage IV chronic illness called Endometriosis. I decided that it would not be the End-o’-me!

I began to embark on a holistic health and spiritual journey to improve my own health and wellbeing and now love to share these gifts that I feel have helped me to heal, grow and transform. I adore foraging and growing food in the garden to create delicious meals in the kitchen to nourish guests. I also really love to sing and play sound healing instruments to relax guests. This brings me such joy and enjoying the meditation garden here lights me up in a big way. 

I invite  you to visit Butterfy Cottage to be nourished and relaxed like never before !

I have a huge passion for sound and music and I enjoyed launching my debut album Relax and Nourish in 2020. This brought together my love for yoga mantras, ho'oponopono meditation and guided relaxation with sound healing... it’s a mini retreat on an album! Be sure to check out our blog to hear some of the music meditation!

I continued with the release of my 'Divine Creative Power' album with some fabulous rhythmic tracks and then released 'Miracle Mantras' album which is my favourite collection of relaxing mantras to help bring healing deep within. I am currently working on a children's album from which I have released the single "Everything is Possible". Download it here!

On my journey, I have received several qualifications to help me support myself and my clients.

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition & Dietetics 
Certified in Raw Food Mastery 
Certified Independent Natural Juice Therapist
Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist 
Certified Angel Card Reader
Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner 
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher 
Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor 
Radiant Child Yoga Practitioner 
Theta Healing Practitioner
Celtic Shamanism
Gong Therapy
Advanced Diploma in Sound Therapy
Ayurveda Diploma - Distinction

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