Find YOUR Truth - Kundalini Yoga Virtual Retreat Experience

6 pre-recorded sessions to support you to find your purpose and truth.


This virtual retreat experience is centered around our ‘Sat Nam’  which means ‘Truth is my identity or “I AM Truth”.

What’s included?

A virtual retreat. Pre-recorded sessions that you can enjoy whenever it suits your own schedule!

6 x 60-75 minute experiential sessions to tap into your inner strength and inner fire to boost energy in the body and clear your path to YOUR true purpose.

  1. A journey through the spine.
  2. Breathing for clarity and balance.
  3. Mental and emotional clearing.
  4. Priming for prosperity.
  5. Strengthening your aura.
  6. Entering the realm of Truth – Sach Khand

Who is this suitable for?

It is a guided course so it is suitable for a complete beginner as well as more experienced participants – it will meet you wherever you are at.

If you’re drawn to connect deeply within yourself to discover your truth, unleash your gifts and your creative energy then I welcome you on this journey to bring you fully home to yourself.

What Will I Need & What Is Involved

You’ll need a space where you can extend your arms and legs, a space big enough to lay down, have a mat and blanket and cushion at the ready!

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is – in my opinion – a perfectly complete practice that includes breath, postures, movement, mantras, mudras, and sound current. It is often not what people expect at all and is spiritual and quite different from the typical idea of what yoga is of wrapping your leg around your head in lycra!

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, a yoga for householders that can be used to elevate consciousness and bring about transformation in your life very efficiently. A session begins by tuning into ourselves and leaving all of our problems aside to become fully present with ourselves. We explore the breath and sound of kundalini yoga as we experience movement, breath works, chanting, guided relaxation with live music, and sound healing amongst other practices. The practices bring together the power of pranayama (breath-work) which helps us to manage our energy and work with the pranic life-force available to us to create change in our energetic system. We then use movement to help cleanse and clear and release stagnant energy and bring our bodies into balance while building strength and flexibility.

What Are The Benefits?

The classes bring the body into a state of deep relaxation so that you can aid your body, mind, and soul into healing and into recharge mode so that you feel lighter, refreshed, and with a higher more positive vibration. It helps with flexibility and balance but most of all it can be a feel-good boost that can carry you through the week.

It gives our minds a rest from the mental chatter and brings our focus to our breath and our inner being. This is where our truth resides, hidden under the layers of memories, experiences, programming, beliefs, and conditioning.

The practice works on so many levels bringing benefits to our hormonal system, digestive system, nervous system, and the list goes on…

In very practical terms it helps us to get better sleep, helps us to better digest our food and life, and helps us to stay balanced and integrated when everything around us can be a bit all over the place….and now is obviously a great time to help ourselves in any way that we can as we go through probably one of the most challenging times of our lives.

And it is called a practice for a reason….it’s about practicing it….experiencing it….from where we are at in any moment. It is not about being perfect and not only for people who are already flexible and fit. Some days we are full of beans and excited to practice….other days it can be a challenge on the mat as we move through the resistance to change our patterns and behaviors. Some days are fun, others serious, others companionate. Some lively, some relaxing….a perfect balance if you ask me!

It is also a gorgeous way of treating yourself to some optimal self-care to help you feel relaxed, nourished, inspired and creative.

Would you like to tap into YOUR Sat Nam?

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like any further information. Email or call 087 931 8859.

What Our Clients Say

I have been attending Olive yoga classes for the past 2 years and I am delighted she is now offering the classes online during the pandemic. Olive is a great teacher and has a beautiful voice. Her yoga classes perfect mix of breathing exercises, gentle postures, chanting, meditation, and relaxation. I was a complete Kundalini yoga novice when I started and while chanting may feel a little strange at the beginning I now fully understand the benefits of the practice and wouldn’t live without it today. A very complete form of Yoga, bringing clarity and peace to the mind and soul. I have also attended workshops at the Butterfly Cottage and completed a Kundalini Reiki course with Olive. I highly recommend all her offerings and her beautiful songs.


I have just attended my first kundalini yoga class and it was amazing. Very calming for both body and mind. With Olive guiding the class I enjoyed each movement and mantra. What a wonderful way to take some time for yourself!


Hi Olive, I thoroughly enjoyed your online class, being able to do it from the comfort of my own home was great. The breathing techniques were amazing. I felt so light after the class. I slept brilliantly that night. It was a beautiful class and can’t wait for next week. Thank you.


Just in from a kundalini class with Olive, what a beautiful way to recharge after a busy week in this crazy month of December we are thinking of what to get everyone else but little do we think of ourselves……everyone in class came in quiet (almost with a heavy heart) but as we were leaving we were smiling at each other and all set up for another week. This class is so relaxing for the mind while also getting a lovely stretch on our tired bodies…highly recommend this class. As I’m still floating….so chilled….thanks Butterfly Cottage.


I started Kundalini yoga two months ago and I have experienced a very deep level of relaxation and raising of energy levels. It has been part of my journey and I’m very glad to have found people with the commitment of helping others on their path in life.


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