Guided Relaxation with sound bowl Akal

This is a guided relaxation followed by a healing mantra for grief.


Track length (14:01)

This is a guided relaxation followed by a healing mantra for grief.

This guided relaxation is a great way to unwind, release our worries, let go of stress, relax the body and release the mental chatter from the mind. The guided relaxation is followed by a chanted mantra with sound bowl to help further relax into infinity.

Akal means undying and chant this can connect us to the part of us that is undying or infinite. This mantra tunes us into that infinite part. This akal is chanted 3+ times monotone. It can help us with the grieving process as we listen or chant to help the soul pass over (within 7 days of passing, or anytime after). You can set an intention to chant for a passed soul and it can help anyone connected to the soul so can be an aid to friends and family who are grieving.

This is also a beautifully guided practice to help you to relax before bed. You are just required to lay down and press play. I’ll guide you through the rest!

Guiding you into deep relaxation with gong and chime so that you can de-stress, unwind, release your worries and feel at peace in your mind as you drift off to blissful sleep.

Sound healing is believed to be the medicine of the future!


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