Juice Therapy Course - Juicy Nourishment

A Juicy Kitchen leads to a Juicy Life!



This is an online course for food sensitives looking for more energy and glowing skin.

This course is suitable for:
  • Those looking for easily digestible life-force nutrition to enhance their lives.
  • Those interested in learning more about juicing and nutrition.
  • Those who would like to be supported on their nutritional healing journey from someone who has been through the mill!
  • Those looking to increase energy, have glowing skin and mental clarity.
  • Those looking to give their body a break from overindulgence and have a cleanse.
  • Those looking to nourish their system with nature’s finest in the most digestible way.
What’s included?

6 Modules of fabulous online learning that you can apply in your life to reap the amazing benefits of juicing while taking out the overwhelm of how to get started and juice for success.

Module 1 Why Juice?
7 short easily digestible videos on the benefits of juicing of how it can help us in our lives.

Discover all the wonderful benefits of bringing juice therapy into your life.

Having this knowledge helps to empower you to take the action required to follow through with your juicy practice.

Module 2 Top Juicy Practices
11 short videos on how to enhance your juicing practice.

These top tips are incredibly helpful in setting up your juicy space and making it work for you.

Module 3 Juicing Versus Blending
4 short videos to help you to understand your digestive process.

Learn about the different types of juicers and blenders to evaluate which one is best for your needs.

Module 4 What can I juice?
Learn the do’s and don’ts of juicing for practical best practices along with natures amazing clues for healing.

  • Learn about nature’s clues for healing.
  • Learn about the top juicy ingredients and their amazing healing powers.
  • Learn about juicing for digestion and hormones.
  • Learn about the energy of food.

Module 5 Motivation
6 short videos for you to overcome all the usual objections and excuses!

Let’s tackle these key topics that often crop up for discussion:

  • The one thing you need to know about sugar.
  • The myth about fat.
  • What’s the story with fibre?
  • How to prepare and store for success.

Module 6 Top Juicy Recipes
10 short videos for you to guide you on your way.

Recipes that are loaded with nutrients for every occasion from juicy lemonade and berrylicious blends to immune boosters and green juicy staples.

Learn the basics of juicing and smoothie recipes that can serve you for life once you understand the base ingredients and relevant boosters.

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