We can and we need to take make time for ourselves to boost our health and to enhance our quality of life, every single day. That is where our day retreats can help!


Book one of our day or overnight retreats and allow yourself some well deserved down time.

We absolutely need to take quality time out for ourselves to have optimal health and have the best quality of life possible. Our retreat days can be the exact kick start you need to get your health and wellness back on track!  

I am on a continued journey back to optimal health after 5 surgeries and facing a stage IV chronic illness. I want to help you before chronic illness sets in or before you burn out. Prevention is always better than cure and so many ailments, health challenges and suffering can be avoided when we take responsibility for our own health and wellness and take positive action before it is too late. 

NOW is always the best time to invest in your health. Please make that decision today for yourself and your family.

Your health really is your wealth in this world as everything is easier when you're full of beans and on top of your game!


What Is A Retreat?

Can you imagine a day out just for you? To be guided into deep relaxation, to be nourished with nature’s finest foods and to be in the presence of like minded and hearted souls? If you can imagine being immersed in beautiful nature and having time where you are free from all of your usual responsibilities, you can understand what our retreat is about. 

You can choose to leave your responsibilities and "baggage" at the door and be free to enjoy the rest, relaxation, nourishment, peace and acceptance on every level. You can invest in your health and wellness so that you can be your best self for those around you. 

What Kind Of Retreats Do We Offer?

We offer 3 different retreats, each with a different theme but all with the same intention of kickstarting your restoration back to your sparkly healthy self. We inspire and motivate you to deeply relax and nourish yourself on every level and provide the tools to do just that.

Just imagine how you would feel after a whole day just for you...

Relax & No​urish Retreat

This is a day dedicated to you and it includes: 

You will receive a gorgeous juicy treat on arrival and be served a nourishing healthful lunch. You can enjoy a healthful treat and healing teas are provided throughout your day.      

This would be perfect for you if you..

Maybe you are feeling guilty already, thinking that it might be a little selfish to take a whole day just for you? But realise this - it is selfish not to .... you need to be your best self, not only for you but also for everyone around you! 
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Healthy Chocolate and Relaxation

Do you ever wish you could learn how to make a stash of healthy treats to have for those moments you need something sweet but don't wanna eat junk?. Treats that are delicious and actually good for you, your digestion and your hormones. Well look no further!

We will also prepare a nourishing lunch for you to enjoy with herbal teas provided throughout your day.  

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Juice and Smoothie Retreats

Educational, motivational and inspiring day where you can learn how to make and taste some amazing juices and smoothies and enjoy some you time with a relaxing sound bath thrown in for good measure. Olive’s nutrition and juice therapy is practical, realistic and contains fab tips for a busy lifestyle.

We will also prepare a nourishing lunch for you to enjoy with herbal teas provided throughout your day.  

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The Perfect Gift

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Relax & Nourish Day Retreat

All you need to do is show up and I will gently guide you through the rest, relax, nourish and mind you for the day!  
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Relax & Nourish Retreat - Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Sound Healing

An Amazzzzzing way to relax, de-stress and unwind...
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We would love to hear your questions! If you have any queries at all about these retreat days, drop us line or give us a call. Remember to sign up to our newsletter for exclusive freebies and all our latest news.