Mantra Meditation & Sound Bath Relaxation Experience

Next event will be at Yoga Heads Studio in Mullingar once restrictions are lifted.


Duration:  x 1 (120 mins)

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No previous experience required. Total beginners most welcome. You will be guided through each part of the session and we will go inward to experience relaxation like never before. We will tune into ourselves and the power of the infinite by using our breath, sound, and gentle movement – no flexibility required!

  • You will be guided into deep relaxation and guided through a beautiful uplifting healing meditation.
  • Mantra meditation can really help us to open up to express ourselves fully, reach our true potential, help to bring peace of mind, tune us into our talents, and can help us to discover our purpose and meaning in this life. It is an amazing tool for well-being and can really open us to a life of thriving rather than surviving.
  • A large part of the session, the sound bath will require you simply to show up, rest in a comfortable position, and be guided into gentle relaxation to healing beautiful sounds and vibrations of voice and instruments attuned to a high frequency that will help your body mind and soul.
  • The sounds and vibrations help to raise the vibrations of the cells in your body which may be dormant or at a lower frequency due to the stresses and toxins in everyday life, illnesses, and our environments.
  • The gong is an instrument known to be more powerful than the mind and can really help us to switch off from mental thoughts to give us a rest from common mental chatter.
  • This can be quality you time, some time out just for you, to be held by these vibrations, to relax completely and be supported by these healing vibrations.
  • Ideally, you are conscious but very nearly asleep and you may find yourself going in and out of deep relaxation with the different instruments. If you fall asleep you can know that the vibration is still working through your system and it’s a bonus nap!

If it’s something new for you, I would highly recommend trying it to see if you like it.

For Further Information Contact Us or Call Olive On 0879318859

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