Sounds of Wellbeing is supporting the Hope Foundation

A calling to support the children (and our inner children) of this time…..

This album is an amazingly supportive tool for mothers, teachers and care workers PURCHASE HERE

EUR3 from every digital and hardcopy sale through my website goes to the Hope Foundation to support the children of Kulcata.

Since recording my last Miracle Mantras album I had been getting a niggling feeling to lay down some of the tracks for songs which I had created for my children’s yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat.

I use these upbeat wellbeing inducing songs during the warm-ups and usually play the various healing instruments live for the relaxation classes and retreats in what’s known as a sound bath. This is where people “bathe” in the vibrations of the sounds like a ‘sonic massage’ – no bath, water or hands involved!

The first couple of songs bring a fun and lightness to the sessions which is definitely needed in a time where things can get very serious in every day life and we forget to enjoy some full-of-love ‘fun’ or ‘cheesemaleese’ as I like to call it! The opening songs on the album are for yoga, dancing and movement meditation and then it slows right down to some guided relaxation and instrumental sound healing tracks using singing bowls and a rhythmic gong for deep relaxation.

The later part of the album which includes some specific sound healing instruments is invaluable to help people completely let go and get out of their busy minds and move into a deep state of relaxation and restoration.

This idea for this album started way back before COVID when I recorded the single for the album called ‘Everything is Possible‘ . This was a song I wrote based on the spiritual laws of success for parents, an amazing book by Deepak Chopra, for anyone who hasn’t already read it. I highly recommend it! There are amazing messages in the teachings within the song and some fabulous movements to go with the words so watch out for the video that you can move along to or better still, do your own movements and tag me so that I can see you enjoy the song! Tag or share with @butterflycottageretreat on whatever social media platform you are on.

To see the other songs on the album and listen to a sample of SOUNDS OF WELLBEING ALBUM. If you’re oldstyle and like the sound from Hardcopy CDs then you’ll be glad to hear that I am creating a small collection of Hardcopies for people who like to hold something in their hand or give one as a gift.

A very special part of this album for me is Téigh a Chodladh which is An Irish Lullaby, the first Irish language song that I have written. I had a little Irish in one of my yogic mantra songs on my last album and was drawn to write a full Irish song. It’s the 13th day of seachtain na gaeilge today too so a perfect time to release. 13 is one of my lucky numbers! I have been receiving an internal calling back towards my native language and from something as simple as taking the baton over from my mother who spent COVID doing duo lingo to remember her Irish. I have taken a fancy to remembering and learning some more Gaeilge over the coming years, a work in progress for sure! My nearby hometown where I grew up, Mullingar Co. Westmeath, is blessed with hosting the Fleadh Cheoil 2023 which I am looking forward to. My brother, who is a very talented DJ and music producer, albeit in electro and techno, a very different style of music, suggested the name of the song to me a few years earlier and it stuck with me. I thought that it would be beautiful to have an Irish lullaby on the album. My absolute favourite thing to do is to relax people through music and song. This Irish song gets it’s debut live performance on Friday 17th March 2023 in Delvin as I was invited to share some music at the Delvin St. Patricks Day festival in my local village.

As a professional sound therapist I am so passionate about sharing the benefits of music meditation and sound healing as part of my work and I feel that it is hugely important to help our youngsters with the increasing stresses of life. Stress and anxiety is impacting children’s lives at such a young age nowadays. The benefits of sound, meditation, yoga and music are limitless but can particularly have huge benefits on improving sleep and reducing anxiety which are becoming such challenges in every day life for many people. Increasing joy and happiness are very welcome side effects of yoga and meditation.

I not only wanted to help local kids and school children in Ireland but I want to ‘give back’ with the creation of this album to further afield. Earlier this year I was invited to be an Ambassador for the ‘Yoga for Hope Project’ in association with the HOPE FOUNDATION. I decided that I would love to support the children in this initiative despite it being very unlikely that I will get to travel to India with the project later this year. I thought that to support this charity could be a lovely way to give gratitude to the Indian culture that I have received so much from over the years of having learned and trained in yoga and meditation which originated in the Indian culture. EUR3 from every digital and hardcopy sale through my website will go to the Hope Foundation to support the children of Kolkata.

I also give huge thanks to Carmel Diviney and the Celtic School of Sound Healing where I trained in sound therapy and gained an Advanced Diploma in Sound Healing. My sound journey began in school enjoying playing the recorder and singing as soloist in school and church choir and later barbershop groups. Later, the the world of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation created a curiosity within to delve much deeper into the healing benefits of sound and many instruments as a medicine for my soul while on a multi-layered healing journey. I love bringing all the different traditions together as for me they all bring us to the same place….a place of peace and love within so that we can radiate peace and love “with-out.”.

After a wonderful big launch last summer for my previous miracle mantras album, I decided to have a soft launch this time and will celebrate in the garden once the weather improves. Make sure you’re on my newsletter to hear what’s on and when. Here’s to many little events to celebrate this album. Get in touch if you’d like a sound bath or some music meditation at your school or venue to help celebrate with me 🙂

I really hope this album compilation will bring harmony, peace, relaxation and ultimately wellbeing to every soul who listens to the tracks. I truly hope you receive as much healing and joy as I did making it. Please share the wellbeing by letting someone you care about enjoy the ‘Sounds of Wellbeing’ too.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT in purchasing a digital copy or hardcopy of the album. It is so appreciated by me and I’m sure by any child who receives the support from the album too.

Lots of love