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After my first Reiki and intuitive healing session with Olive, I felt calmer and more relaxed. I am sleeping through the night - having previously had months of broken sleep. I have an overall feeling of calmness and very little stress now. Just three sessions with Olive. Daily I feel much more relaxed and much more energy. Olive, Thank you for your amazing gift of healing.


Loved the mantras, Olives instruction, her voice, and the deep relaxation of the sound bath. I felt very relaxed, open, and connected to the divine.


Hi Olive, I thoroughly enjoyed your online class, being able to do it from the comfort of my own home was great. The breathing techniques were amazing. I felt so light after the class. I slept brilliantly that night. It was a beautiful class and can't wait for next week. Thank you.


Amazing relaxing Experience.


I was looking into EFT to help me with a particular phobia that I have. Olive has been my Kundalini Yoga teacher for a few years so it made sense to reach out to her for a couple of EFT sessions. Olive was very professional and thorough in her approach. She explained the whole process from the beginning and throughout the sessions. I felt at ease and more relaxed straight away and could feel the fear and stress disappear as sessions took place. The process brought up a very old memory that at first sight seemed completely unrelated to my phobia, but was in fact deeply connected to it. It was quite an amazing realization. After working with Olive, I realized it needed to be released all these years later and we focused on that in our follow-up session. Since our sessions, I have felt lighter and more confident to face my fears. EFT is definitely a tool that I will continue to use. I highly recommend Olive as a practitioner.


I have just attended my first kundalini yoga class and it was amazing. Very calming for both body and mind. With Olive guiding the class I enjoyed each movement and mantra. What a wonderful way to take some time for yourself!


I started Kundalini yoga two months ago and I have experienced a very deep level of relaxation and raising of energy levels. It has been part of my journey and I'm very glad to find people with the commitment of helping others on their path in life. The classes have made me perceive the importance of having a master professional guiding me. Energy exists and I have no doubt about this. If I cannot understand how it works I can still unbalance myself. Olive has taught me and helped me with her classes and I feel more secure to continue my journey going in the right direction.


OMG Olive - Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was so wonderful and something I needed more than I realised! Didn’t expect the movement - that was a welcome bonus! 


Thanks a million, Olive for our couples juicing retreat today!! It was beyond incredible.....your nutritional wisdom has no bounds! We're both totally chilled & ready to incorporate all we've learned into our lifestyle.


I had an EFT session with Olive and her lovely calm personality immediately put me at ease. We tapped for prosperity and concentrated on eliminating any blockages to abundance. Within hours good fortune actually came my way!! I am looking forward to booking another effective session.


I did a number of EFT sessions with Olive. She got to the heart of a number of problems that had been plaguing me my entire life. My life improved markedly within 24 hours of one of our sessions. I would thoroughly recommend Olive if you want to transform your life through her EFT sessions.


I have been attending Olive yoga classes for the past 2 years and I am delighted she is now offering the classes online during the pandemic. Olive is a great teacher and has a beautiful voice. Her yoga classes perfect mix of breathing exercises, gentle postures, chanting, meditation, and relaxation. I was a complete Kundalini yoga novice when I started and while chanting may feel a little strange at the beginning I now fully understand the benefits of the practice and wouldn't live without it today. A very complete form of Yoga, bringing clarity and peace to the mind and soul. I have also attended workshops at the Butterfly Cottage and completed a Kundalini Reiki course with Olive. I highly recommend all her offerings and her beautiful songs.


My gift to me: The most haunting, healing voice you can imagine teamed with singing bowls, gongs, and mantras. Thank you Olive at Butterfly Cottage Retreat for keeping me one of the first. And I'm not just saying it's incredible because I like you. I genuinely am in complete awe of how any human can do such things with their voice. You are one amazingly talented lady.


Just in from a kundalini class with Olive, what a beautiful way to recharge after a busy week in this crazy month of December we are thinking of what to get everyone else but little do we think of ourselves......everyone in class came in quiet (almost with a heavy heart) but as we were leaving we were smiling at each other and all set up for another week. This class is so relaxing for the mind while also getting a lovely stretch on our tired bodies...highly recommend this class. As I'm still floating....so chilled....thanks Butterfly Cottage.


Thank you so much Olive for the live yoga class yesterday for 4-6-year-olds for homeschoolers. It was fantastic, my daughter loved it as did I, it's an excellent class to help children especially in the difficult time we are in right now, we look forward to the next one.


I've had two sessions of EFT Tapping with Olive and felt I released a lot in both sessions. I felt very safe and held in Olive's presence, which I believe helped me to be able to release and gain more clarity with some questions in my life. She guided the sessions beautifully whilst also allowing them to unfold organically. 


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