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The Best Juicy Recipe EVER!!!!

The best juicy recipe EVER!  CHEERS!!!!
Our Loop d’ Loop Juicy Recipe will help give you shiny hair, radiant skin, clear eyes, a glowing smile from the inside out and most importantly all the goodness your insides need to feel energised. This recipe will help nourish you, cleanse you, allow your system to relax from processed food and give you the mental and emotional clarity to move forward with ease and flow in your life. Literally the best recipe EVER!!!! Even if I do say so myself ..wink wink!
The best news is that I have made a video to show you exactly how to make it as I thought that would be the best way to empower you how to make it with ease!
This recipe is our Signature Juice here at Butterfly Cottage. It contains a special ingredient that you could literally live on for the rest of your life! (not that you’d want to live on just one food….or at least I wouldn’t, but just sayin’ !)
It includes all your daily greens (kids won’t even know are in there as they are mixed with deliciously flavourful and healing fruits) and vegetables and it’s one that kids just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I promise! It’s my partners kids favourite juicy request when they visit! It’s great to fill ice pop holders and freeze so there’s a healthy snack ready to gobble up – the kids absolutely LOVE it!
My sis gets a special shout out for naming the recipe because she said it tasted like the loop the loop ice-pop (remember that?!….deeeeelish!!!)
This recipe came together when I organised and inspired a few of my family to do a juice fast together (what was I thinking??!!!! lol ) I started off making a variety of juices for all of us and one by one vegetables were dropping off the list of acceptables like beetroot, kale, celery (some of my faves but I was told that they tasted like ground!) and just didn’t make the family juicy cut off, so all the delicious ingredients that I was still allowed juice and blend are in this juicy recipe! The cream of the crop of fruit and veg!!!!
This was back in 2009 when i was on a mission to juice the world one by one….I’m a little more laid back about it these days but still spreading the juicy love!
This is one of our favourite go-to recipes that literally covers it all and has all of your daily needs in one go! You can make more than you need and keep for later so you’re all set for a few days juicy living.
It’s a must for a nourishing juicy kitchen!!!!
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