Butterfly Cottage Retreat

What Is An Energy Healing Session?

An energy healing session is simply a gorgeous way to take quality time out for yourself. You allow yourself to be fully relaxed and receive whatever flow of energy is beneficial to your needs at the time. All you need to do is show up and lay down in a beautiful comfortable space and I take care of the rest.

Your senses will be soothed with gorgeous healing smells and sounds. I will place my hands gently on or above the body. You will have your eyes closed and may even fall asleep, and that’s fine, as the energy is still working and flowing to where it is needed and at whatever level it is needed. You may notice heat, cold, tingling, or twitching as the energy flows and you may experience emotions releasing as a normal part of this process. Like everything, everyone’s experience is different. These sessions are based on trust, awareness, acceptance, and presence.

Energy Healing With Olive

I have been attuned to modalities of healing energy to help bring you deep relaxation through your system to help you relax, clear energy blocks, and re-energise your system with a flow of life force energy. I have been trained and certified in USUI Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Theta Healing, and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy as well as working intuitively with sounds and symbols. BOOK A SESSION NOW!


“After my first Reiki and intuitive healing session with Olive, I felt calmer and more relaxed. I am sleeping through the night – having previously had months of broken sleep. I have an overall feeling of calmness and very little stress now. Just three sessions with Olive. Daily I feel much more relaxed and much more energy. Olive, Thank you for your amazing gift of healing” Sara