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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – The amazing technique that relieved my Endo Pain

What is EFT? 

Emotional Freedom technique also known as EFT Tapping is a technique using a gentle finger tapping on certain meridian points in the body. It is a talk and tap therapy that is an incredible way to release emotions that are stored in our body in a very healthy way. It is a great way to clear anger, grief, phobias, traumas, bad habits, mental blocks and beliefs that are keeping us stuck in our lives. EFT works with clearing the energetic disruptions in the body that are trapped from traumatic memories and bad experiences in our lives. Once cleared we are then free to move forward feeling lighter and more positive about taking the next steps in our lives.

EFT is a modern energy therapy that is like acupuncture without the needles. It links our body mind connection and can result in changing our behaviours with ease as we release energetic blocks that are stored in our system from past memories and experiences. As an example, a memory can lead to a negative thought which can turn into a frequency which is magnified into an emotional response and creates a disturbance in our energetic body. The tapping sessions can activate these disturbances and rebalance the system. In lay mans terms it’s like a blocked pipe can flow again and our free flowing energy heals our system. Book a session today!

Who is it suitable for?

This therapy session is great for someone who likes to talk through issues and someone who doesn’t want to lay down and relax but wants to work through releasing old memories and blocks in their system with an open mind. Someone who wants to, and is ready to, let go of old blocks.

For anyone who is not already familiar with this amazingly beneficial therapy I would like to share a little more about what it is, how it works, the wonderful relief that it has brought in my life and how grateful I am to have learned what I refer to as the missing piece to my healing journey.

I was introduced to this technique many moons ago when I was working on retreat in 2014 and although it seemed a bit different to other healing modalities I had used I was definitely open to try it out – I’ve always been a ‘try anything that might help’ kinda gal!. I used it on and off over the years and it wasn’t ’til a few years ago that I became so interested in the healing benefits that it brought to me that I decided to train in the technique so that I could help others with this too during in person, online treatments, at my retreats, and in my online courses.

On that particular retreat I was volunteering as a Juice master and Reiki therapist. We were all very energetically clear as we had been only consuming raw organic food and juices for the week and had been taking part in morning yoga and dance and some tantric inner work and other classes in the evenings so we were in top form and energy was in super flow! During one of my treatments one of my Reiki clients went into channelling mode and channelled Archangel Michael. She had advised me that it might happen to her as when she had received an energy treatment before it had happened on occasion to her and she asked if it was ok to let herself go if she felt it about to happen and I said “totally” – I’m always open to woo woo goings-on and open to “whatever is meant to be will be”. During her channelling I was asked to ask some questions and answers were given through her channelled mechanical like voice. It was fascinating to me as nothing like this had happened before in a session like this…she was exploring her new gift and I was more than willing to allow this. The relevance here is that an answer to one of my questions was that tapping came up which I reread years later in a diary of mine and I was flabbergasted! When I asked a particular question about restoring my health the answer was to tap on certain meridian points on my face and body and to repeat “I am love and I am light”. This is something that I do now in addition to some other favourite tapping practices.

I was also told to acknowledge that I have a healing gift in my hands – this was something that I welcomed as a healing practitioner and that brought more trust to my sessions.

Like other practices during an EFT session there can be released emotions during the sessions and each session is different. As the memories are activated and the disturbances are brought up to clear it can involve talking, tapping and even movement in some cases. I have had clients with physical pain appear and release in parts of their body, numbness, cold, heat, shaking, the need to move. Other sessions have been very relaxed with little change on a physical level but emotional and mental patterns appearing.

Using discovery statements and language familiar to the client. many healings can happen. It can be good to do a few sessions to receive great benefit as many aspects can appear for one problem and layers can appear underneath an initial problem and heal over time as they appear.

For me, clearing my endometriosis pain was a life-changer. It involved me doing many tapping sessions during two months of my cycle all throughout the cycles. In my life with my long term condition I had pain which led to nausea and vomiting, being crippled and bent over, crying and being completely wiped out and debilitated. Of all the therapies I had tried some had given relief but nothing like this whereby I don’t really have any bad pain during my cycle or during the month which is HUGE for me! Literally life-changing.

I practice energy healing and sound healing too so it’s quite intuitive how I clear blocks during my sessions. It is great to start with something small and great to be witnessed and supported through the clearings to work on anything more serious. Often things totally unrelated appear and are cleared as a by product or even the source of the issue. Clearing these energetic pathways that carry vital energy involves regular check-ins, regulation and rebalancing of the system. If this is something that interests you then please get in touch with any questions and you can book an online session or a retreat. BOOK A SESSION NOW!

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I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about tapping and please do enjoy exploring this healing modality as another great tool in our vast universal toolbox to clear the sh*te so that we can find the light!

Author: Olive MacDonagh


If you’d like to give it a go yourself you can email for a guide to the tapping points or if you’d like to dive a little deeper with a certified therapist (a.k.a me!) you can book an online appointment here.

What my clients say:

I did a number of EFT sessions with Olive. She got to the heart of a number of problems that had been plaguing me my entire life. My life improved markedly within 24 hours of one of our sessions. I would thoroughly recommend Olive if you want to transform your life through her EFT sessions.” Sinead

I had an EFT session with Olive and her lovely calm personality immediately put me at ease. We tapped for prosperity and concentrated on eliminating any blockages to abundance. Within hours good fortune actually came my way!! I am looking forward to booking another effective session,” Susan.

I’ve had two sessions of EFT Tapping with Olive and felt I released a lot in both sessions. I felt very safe and held in Olive’s presence, which I believe helped me to be able to release and gain more clarity with some questions in my life. She guided the sessions beautifully whilst also allowing them to unfold organically.” Triona

I was looking into EFT to help me with a particular phobia that I have. Olive has been my Kundalini Yoga teacher for a few years so it made sense to reach out to her for a couple of EFT sessions. Olive was very professional and thorough in her approach. She explained the whole process from the beginning and throughout the sessions. I felt at ease and more relaxed straight away and could feel the fear and stress disappear as sessions took place. The process brought up a very old memory that at first sight seemed completely unrelated to my phobia, but was in fact deeply connected to it. It was quite an amazing realisation. After working with Olive, I realised it needed to be released all these years later and we focused on that on our follow-up session. Since our sessions, I have felt lighter and more confident to face my fears. EFT is definitely a tool that I will continue to use. I highly recommend Olive as a practitioner.” Audrey