What Is kundalini Yoga & Meditation?

Kundalini is the nerve of the soul. It is the life-force creative energy that remains dormant at the base of the spine until safely awakened using Kundalini Yoga and meditation, Kundalini Reiki, or other methods. Kundalini yoga is also known as the yoga of awareness and is tuning deeply within ourselves using a wonderful blend of breathwork, movement, chanting, meditation, and relaxation.

It is not yoga where the time is spent doing headstands or wrapping your leg around your shoulder albeit having some fabulous physical practice. It is a very spiritual practice that greatly enhances your focus, confidence, and intuitive abilities. It is not at all what many people imagine it to be like. Once we raise the kundalini energy it then brings up parts of ourselves to cleanse, release and heal which then brings flow to create and manifest what we truly want in our lives.

It is a wonderful blend of masculine and feminine energy involving the shakti and bhakti elements of precision and surrender.  It is a powerful practice to bring transformation into our lives and a very efficient way to align our body, mind, and soul as it removes all the parts of us that are not aligned thus revealing our true selves or “sat nam” as we like to call it.

Would this be good for me?

This yoga is suitable for anyone who wants to transform and create. It is for you if you want to increase your awareness of yourself and others, examine your thought patterns and behaviors, awaken your gifts, and manifest your dreams in life. It is also a remarkable health-promoting self-care tool to support anxiety, depression, sleep issues, digestive problems and helps to regulate and strengthen the nervous system amongst the many other health benefits. It is important to practice this safely and be guided as it can be very powerful. If you want your life to stay the same then don’t practice this! Book a private group class or one-to-one session.

Kundalini Yoga With Olive

I have been trained and certified as a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor. In addition to our one-to-one sessions, you are welcome to check out our 6-week online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation course ‘Find YOUR Truth‘ and our ‘Relax & Nourish’ 6-week course which includes a blend of other healing modalities in addition to gentle kundalini yoga. These are prerecorded sessions from a live course which are informative and comprehensive healing tools.


“I have just attended my first kundalini yoga class and it was amazing. Very calming for both body and mind. With Olive guiding the class I enjoyed each movement and mantra. What a wonderful way to take some time for yourself.!” Claire

“Just in from a kundalini class with Olive, what a beautiful way to recharge after a busy week in this crazy month of December we are thinking of what to get everyone else but little do we think of ourselves……everyone in class came in quiet (almost with a heavy heart) but as we were leaving we were smiling at each other and all set up for another week. This class is so relaxing for the mind while also getting a lovely stretch on our tired bodies…highly recommend this class. As I’m still floating….so chilled….thanks Butterfly Cottage.” Olivia

 “Hi Olive, I thoroughly enjoyed your online class, being able to do it from the comfort of my own home was great. The breathing techniques were amazing. I felt so light after the class. I slept brilliantly that night. It was a beautiful class and can’t wait for next week. Thank you <3 <3”  Elaine

 “I started Kundalini yoga two months ago and I have experienced a very deep level of relaxation and raising of energy levels. It has been part of my journey and I’m very glad to find people with the commitment of helping others on their path in life. The classes have made me perceive the importance of having a master professional guiding me. Energy exists and I have no doubt about this. If I cannot understand how it works I can still unbalance myself. Olive has taught me and helped me with her classes and I feel more secure to continue my journey going in the right direction”  Rodrigo