Sound Healing

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a practice using sound vibration as a tool to elevate and raise our frequency.

As humans, our vibration can be raised or lowered depending on what we are exposed to, our experiences, and our environment. Everything in life has an energy, a vibration, at a particular frequency. For example, if you play a note on a guitar with another guitar beside it, the sound will create a vibration in the second one and start sounding. This is an example of how sound healing works as the vibration of one instrument resonates with the other. The same goes for our body and energy field.

The sound healing instruments are attuned to particular high frequencies and when played around or on the body, these vibrations are transmitted and help to resonate with cells as the sound current elevates the frequency in the body. It’s like if we imagine ourselves as radios and we can attune and change our signal to a different station! Cells in our physical body that have been exposed to toxic food, drink, smoke, stress, or other environmental factors may have become dead, dormant, or lower vibration and the sound healing helps to reawaken these cells and raise their vibration. Health can be improved dramatically and holistically with these powerful sound waves.

I use gong therapy, drumming, singing bowls, chimes, voice, and a variety of other instruments during treatments, classes, and sound baths. I recorded an album, Relax & Nourish, which includes a wonderful guided relaxation with sound healing in addition to beautiful vocal mantra tracks with guitar and harmonium.

Voice is also a powerful instrument carrying vibrations and since training in sound healing and opening myself to these subtle yet powerful vibrations, I have been channeling sound and language vibrations when deeply present. This is something that I am exploring with myself at present..

Would sound healing treatment be good for me?

I find that this is a wonderful modality for anyone who finds that they are distracted with regular meditation or healing modalities and find it difficult to become relaxed and present. The gong for example is believed to be more powerful than the mind so it can be so helpful for those with lots of mental chatter as it helps to bring our awareness to another realm of consciousness. Book a session here.


“My gift to me: The most haunting, healing voice you can imagine teamed with singing bowls, gongs, and mantras. Thank you Olive at Butterfly Cottage Retreat for keeping me one of the first. And I’m not just saying it’s incredible because I like you. I genuinely am in complete awe of how any human can do such things with their voice. You are one amazingly talented lady.”  Hazel

“Loved the mantras, Olives instruction, her voice, and the deep relaxation of the sound bath. I felt very relaxed, open, and connected to the divine.” Jane rated 10/10 for her mantra meditation and sound bath experience.”

 “Amazing relaxing Experience” Carrie rated 10/10 for her mantra meditation and sound bath experience.”