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Your recommended health boost for the Holidays and New Year – as featured on the Elaine Show!

It is so wonderful to spread the health, healing and wellbeing benefits of all the wonderful offerings here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat in the heart of Ireland. Michelle Walsh Jackson included us in her Christmas gift ideas for our Healthy Retreat for Two http://thenoveltraveller.com/travel-tuesday-christmas-gift-ideas-on-vmtvs-the-elaine-show/

Have you planned your annual service to look forward to for the New Year? We do it for our cars and absolutely need to do it for ourselves too! We have wonderful retreat days and treatments to do just that!

So in the meantime what do we recommend for keeping you healthy and well this Christmas and leading into the New Year?

To keep your immune system functioning well and keep your vibration high we recommend the following as 10 top tips to keep well over the holidays:

  1. Rest and relaxation. This is the no. 1 priority to keep your internal battery charged. We don’t expect our phones to work endlessly and neither can we!. We simply NEED down-time so that we can totally unplug from our responsibilities and plug in to ourselves and the infinite power of being fully present. We need down time that does not consist of simply a different task to distract ourselves that means you’re still not recharging! Check out our Deep listening blog for a gorgeous relaxation to listen as you rest and become present to yourself. My gift to you!
  2. Nourishing real food – Ensure that there is some life-force in the food that you consume over the Christmas and that it is not all food type products that isn’t real food at all. Aim for plenty of natural wholefoods that you can create beautifully colourful and flavourful dishes to add to your festive treats. Consider making your own bread as a healthy alternative to processed white flour bread. Here is an amazing easy peasy porridge scone recipe for you to enjoy with your chutney, cheese or salmon and for a super dooper health boost you can try out our signature juicy smoothie recipe here at Butterfly Cottage Retreat.
  3. Drink Plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep things in flow.
  4. Get plenty of sleep – it is in our rest time that we heal and repair.
  5. Do things that you enjoy doing to up your vibe – it’s a holiday…have some fun! Sing, dance or partake in a hobby you love.
  6. Consider others and reach out to connect with someone you haven’t connected with in a while.
  7. Go outside and connect with nature anytime you can – if you need to reflect on something, nature can be a great place to internally ask yourself a question and listen, watch and wait for the answer.
  8. Treat yourself! – be your own VIP this season and ask yourself what YOU really need to realign to your best self – then you will be at your best for others around you.
  9. Ensure that you take at least a little time for self-care habits. We clean our bodies every day and we need to do the same to clean our mind and emotions. A short meditation practice, energy treatment, yoga or sound healing comes highly recommended for this. Ask us if you need a recommendation or any help with this  – we have lots of in person and online offerings to help support you in this area. Email olive@butterflycottageretreat.ie or check out our shop
  10. Let go of something. De-clutter somewhere or something, release or choose to stop an un-serving habit. Decide what you will not bring into 2021. It can be great to take some time to journal on this one. It’s not all about getting or doing…sometimes the best way to receive is to let go and be, and the best way to move forward is actually to retreat! This helps to move us into a place where instead of trying to force things to happen we are in a place where we are able to receive inspiration and can take inspired action from this place that can be so much more helpful.

ps Remember to shop local this Christmas to support someone you know running a business. It means a lot in these times. We are participating in #LookForLocal campaign this year with the Local Enterprise Office and welcome you to support the initiative too.

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